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2a. Reverberation Time



This is an English version of our established calculation software which includes SI and U.S. units. With this software you are able to calculate the reverberation time in different rooms.
The software also enables a non-acoustician to gather a quick impression of the expected reverberation in the rooms. It has a comprehensive database of the most commonly used construction materials and their corresponding alpha values. Furthermore, it has a graphical representation of the calculation results. As it has often shown that the average value it within the requirements, individual frequencies lie outside requirements. The software is particularly useful for those who have the acoustic comfort in focus and want to achieve optimal results by avoiding over or under-absorption.

BuyNow64x64_V2You also can find further information under the following link:
-> Information concerning the purchase of software

ICON_youtubeOn YouTube you will find a tutorial on how to work with the reverberation software
-> Jump to YouTube: How to calculate a room

On Wikipedia you will find other helpful resources for the calculation methods.

Terms and ConditionsYou will find our terms and conditions at
-> Terms and Conditions

Have fun using our software

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Administrator (Jürgen)
Submitted On:
26 Sep 2015
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2,298.73 Kb
For the software to calculate the reverberation time with graphic module we charge a small fee of €29.75
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26 Sep 2015
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